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2 In High School/ Video

5 Things I’ve Realized Since Graduating High School

1. It passes by much faster than you think

I was a little freshman in biology when a school alumni came to visit my teacher. After being prompted by her to share some high school graduate wisdom and insight, the girl just said “it passes by much faster than you think.” My 14 year old self who still had to suffer through 3 more years found that very hard to believe.

Yet, somehow I’m sitting here writing about graduating high school when I still feel (and look) like I’m 12.


2. Grades are more important than you may believe

I also found it very hard to believe that the grade I got in Algebra freshman year would have any significant impact on my future. While that particular grade didn’t, that mentality did. One of my biggest regrets has been not trying harder in high school, had I put my maximum effort I could have obtained many more opportunities.

The grades you receive determine the college you attend which kind of decides the job you obtain, the friends you have, and the life you live.

While I’m still proud of the place I ended up either way, I can’t help but wonder what might have happened if I had tried a little bit harder.


3. ….but the time you spend outside the classroom will be the most fun

That is not to say that one should spend all of their time studying. While a 4.0 GPA is great, you aren’t going to remember that one test you got a 100 on, but rather those 2 AM food runs that resulted in questionable outcomes.

4. No one cares about you once you graduate 

High school is the youngest you’ll ever be, the most babied you’re ever going to get, and the only time you will be able to eat whatever you want without visible ramifications. When you’re in high school everyone (the majority) is willing to help you. Want to start a business? Here’s some money! Want to learn? Here’s some free education!

The number of helping hands individuals extend diminishes greatly once you graduate. And although you might still look like a high school student, people no longer treat you as nicely.


5. It’s great to be a kid

It’s great to be a kid and drive. I have no fondness for the pre-license period. I think the greatest time is when you just turn 18 and can drive, but are still able to enjoy the comforts of high school.