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My Senior Year Schedule in Gifs


The gradual progression of my premature death began when I underestimated Senioritis. As someone who has experienced this since freshman year, this was a fatal and stupid flaw in reasoning.

Oh yeah why not take extremely hard classes the last year? Think about college, Kaina.


AP English Literature 

I have never related to a teacher on such a sarcastic and emotional level. My English Lit teacher is my spirit animal. There are days when she literally says “I don’t feel like starting anything today.”

After going through AP English Lang (with one of the hardest teachers on the planet) this class is cake. The majority of the assignments are essays and reading logs.



Dual Enrollment Human Growth & Development 

I have never had such a nice and sweet teacher in my life. “I’m here so you can learn, not to fail you.” Interesting lectures, group tests, and a teacher who will answer every single one of my questions.



AP US Government 

Studying and homework are unfortunately required, but the material is simple and straightforward. My teacher’s funny stories keep me from face planting with my desk.



AP Spanish

Spanish was my first language and so all classes have been easy A’s. Then AP came 🙂 The teacher calls your parents if you don’t do the homework and it’s all grammar/writing based, my weakest point. I ended up with a B in Spanish the first grading period. A fact that has me questioning my own fluency.


AP Physics 

Bro. If I have a single regret in life, it’s taking AP Physics.  My friends told me it was cake—that the teacher was easy. Imagine my surprise when my great (heavy sarcasm) AP Bio teacher got switched to Physics and appeared on my schedule. Again. After I celebrated the end of his class for an entire week. Going to physics literally gives me anxiety.


There is also the fact that everything looks like Chinese. 90 minutes of monotone lecture with only letters usually ends up with me low-key reading on my phone under my notebook and then looking up to the board and seeing hieroglyphics. This is a very bad for my emotional state.


And then theres me trying to mask my panic as my teacher tells us to do a problem and starts walking around.


Chris Hemsworth my precious child.



I have BS’ed my way through math for the past three years and statistics is no exception (if only Physics were similar in this regard). I read the entire class and the material is so easy that I just teach myself before major tests.



International Finance & Law

So we had this teacher, same one for business classes all four years. She didn’t teach, gave us busy work, and left us alone. A perfect symbiotic relationship. AND THEN SHE RETIRED OVERNIGHT WITH NO WARNING.

We got an actual teacher, with lesson plans and projects and actual work that requires brain cells. Her first day was almost comical, everyone was just looking at each other and questioning reality as she outlined our future assignments.



Dual Enrollment Computer Programming

Do the work, get the grade, and you get left alone. This class knows whats up.


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