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Truthwitch by Susan Dennard Book Trailer


The following article was originally posted on These Flying Pages as part of the unofficial Truthwitch book tour.

The Waterwitch Babes presents an unofficial blog tour celebrating the upcoming novel Truthwitch by
Susan Dennard
.  For two weeks, a new post on some aspect of the novel will be featured on one Waterwitch Babes’ blog.  And every post will feature a question asked by that blogger and Susan Dennard’s answer!  The tour runs from October 13th to October 26th and there are many giveaways planned for this tour, so check out all our stops!

If you could insert yourself into Truthwitch who would you be, who would you be friends with, how would it go?

Susan Dennard- Now that’s a tough question! I would love to be a Waterwitch, I think…and I’d definitely be friends with Safi and Iseult. I’d probably be their big sister constantly trying to keep them out of trouble. 😉

Hello lovelies! My post today is all about visual representations of Truthwitch I’ll be fan casting and sharing the book trailer I created for the novel.  Now, I haven’t actually read the book yet, but I have heard a lot about it so all of this will be based off of that *grins*

Outcast, lover of logic, cool under pressure Threadwitch

Seeing as how Susan imagines Iseult to be of Asian descent and a badass, I instantly thought of Once Upon A Time Star  Jasmine Chung.

A card-cheating, sword-slashing,  forever running Truthwitch 

Susan says that Kiera Knightley is her perfect Safiya and I couldn’t agree more. I adored Knightly in Pirates of the Caribbean and could easily see her fighting “emperors, princes, and mercenaries.”

Ships captain, Prince of Nubreva, and really pissed off Windwitch

Can I get a *le sigh* for Henry Cavill? Superman eye candy, Cavill could definitely pull of the prince/captain character and make us all lose our ovaries in the process.


Book Trailer

HD makes you happy 🙂

The Stops

Oct 23: In Wonderland: On Meeting Sooz & Interview with Erin Bowman
Oct 24: Infinite Wonders: Photo Collage
Oct 25: Bookish Unicorn: Truthwitch Rhythms: Short Edition
Oct 26: The Soul Sisters: Street Team Appreciation and Closing Remarks


What did you think of the book trailer?

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