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An Introduction


Hi there. My name is Kaina. 17 year old high school senior, book lover, Netflix addict, and lifelong eater.

If you’re reading this because you know me personally, don’t tell me—I’m cringing at the concept enough as it is. Just know that I have acknowledged your lurking tendencies and have chosen to ignore it.

The idea for Simply Kaly was born during one of the most hectic, stressful, and busy times of my life and has been started during the least favorable moment (senior year I’m looking at you). But, the blogging itch was unescapable and so here we are.

To commence the occasion, here are ten facts about me.

1. I read. A lot.

I read in the shower, a habit that resembles a daily ritual, an ordeal that endangers the cosmetic perfection of freshly printed pages. But the allure of a warm water cocoon and guaranteed lack of interruptions is too powerful. Good stories can’t wait, not even for showers. I read everywhere—in the bathroom, under textbooks, in class, at softball games (much to the disdain of my coach).

Directly from the college essay I’m currently stressing over. Lovely.

2. I have blogged before

I used to have a book review blog called These Flying Pages. The domain name got snatched from me and it has disappeared.


3. I founded a nonprofit organization

I started One Page Closer, a nonprofit organization that provides fully stocked bookcases to children and teens in low-income communities, when I was 16. I also recently won $4,000 in venture capital at NFTE’s (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) Investment Panel. Aye.

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